Just Smelling My Microphone
(I’ve always been terrible at titles)

Hi, Maggie here…

I’ve got a few messages asking me where I am and if I’ll ever start posting again, and I’ve been putting off replying to these nice people like the horrible, cowardly person that I am, because frankly, I just don’t know what to say. *insert crying gif here*

Okay – No, I most likely won’t post anymore. Although I still like The Wombats (of course I do), I don’t obsess over them anymore to the point where I would spend literally hours finding new photos and making gifs and keeping track of everything every day to make sure it really was new and not yet posted etc. And I loved it at the time, I really did, it was like having some kind of a dream job that you enjoyed so much, and the colleagues were all amazing people, and instead of money you got likes and reblogs and lovely asks, which was so much better, and this is the lamest metaphor I’ve ever made, but you get my point. But as I said, I don’t have the time or the will anymore, and if I just started reblogging once a week, I think this blog would lose its purpose and meaning. And I know there’s probably no real reason for me to feel guilty about anything, but trust me I kind of do, or maybe there is a reason, I don’t know…

So…thank you, I guess, to everyone who enjoyed this blog and found it at least a bit appealing. Let it serve as an archive of pretty photos and a few decent gifs now. 2011 will always be the year of The Wombats for me, it was a wonderful, wonderful time. The most exciting eight months I’ve had in a while.


0:14, that’s all you need to know.

You should watch this because of Murph in a black sweater.

Whats the name of the magazine where you got those pictures?

It’s a german magazine called “Myp Magazine

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